Are You An Invisalign Candidate? Dr. Dixon Explains

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile but afraid of traditional metal braces? Invisalign® clear aligners from Dixon Family Dental in Southfield, MI, could be the perfect solution. Invisalign uses a series of customized, transparent aligners to gradually shift your teeth into place over time. 

Our Southfield dentist, Dr. Darlene Dixon, is a Diamond Invisalign Provider who has helped countless patients change their lives through Invisalign. Her artistic eye for detail and extensive dental knowledge allow her to identify the best candidates for Invisalign treatment. 

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What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a popular alternative to traditional metal braces, using a series of clear, custom-fit plastic aligners to incrementally move your teeth into the proper position. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks during the Invisalign process before being switched out for the next in the series, gradually shifting your teeth until you achieve the final desired position.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign offers many benefits over traditional braces, including:

  • Clear aligners are practically invisible, so many patients feel more confident and comfortable during treatment.
  • There are no food restrictions. You can remove aligners to eat and drink whatever you want.
  • There are no injuries from poking wires or brackets. Aligners are smooth and comfortable.
  • It helps create better oral hygiene. Aligners are removable, so you can brush and floss normally.
  • You’ll experience a shorter treatment time. The average Invisalign case takes just nine to 15 months.
  • You’ll need fewer office visits. You only need to visit every six to eight weeks for new aligners.
  • Clear aligners are more discreet. People may not even notice you’re straightening your teeth.

Invisalign Candidacy Requirements

Invisalign can work for most people with mild to moderate alignment issues. Good candidates include:

  • Teens and Adults: Invisalign is safe for most people ages 12 and up.
  • Patients With Fully Erupted Permanent Teeth: Invisalign won’t work until all adult teeth are present.
  • Patients With Mild to Moderate Spacing, Crowding, or Overlap: Wider gaps and alignment issues may require braces.
  • Patients Who Are Committed to Treatment: This includes wearing aligners 22 hours per day. Poor compliance reduces effectiveness.
  • Patients With Good Oral Hygiene Habits: Brush twice daily, floss daily, and visit Dr. Dixon regularly. Cavities and gum disease can prolong treatment.
  • Patients With Healthy Teeth and Bone: Invisalign requires sturdy teeth to withstand the forces of movement.

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What Invisalign Can Fix

Some of the most common tooth alignment problems that Invisalign can effectively treat include:

  • Spacing between teeth
  • Crowding and crooked teeth
  • Crossbite, underbite or overbite
  • Deep overbite
  • Open bite (no vertical overlap of front teeth)
  • Gapped front teeth

While Invisalign isn’t suited for every case, it can correct a variety of mild to moderate alignment issues. Schedule an Invisalign consultation to learn if it could work for your smile.

Who Isn’t An Invisalign Candidate?

While Invisalign has many benefits, it isn’t the best choice for every patient. Invisalign may not be the best treatment option for:

  • Children Under Age 12: Permanent dentition isn’t complete, so orthodontics should wait.
  • Patients With Severe Crowding or Malocclusion: These cases often require braces for the best outcome.
  • Patients With Large Spaces Between Teeth: Braces may close gaps more efficiently.
  • Patients with Serious Oral Health Issues: Gum disease, cavities, or weak enamel should be addressed first.
  • Patients With Dental Implants or Bridges: The movement capabilities are limited.
  • Patients Unwilling to Wear Aligners: Compliance for 20 to 22 hours per day is key.

If Invisalign sounds like a good fit, schedule a consultation. We’ll take x-rays, impressions, and photos to determine if you’re suited for it. Invisalign requires a significant time and financial commitment, so it’s important to understand expectations before starting treatment.

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