Seamlessly Restore Your Smile After Cavities

Cavities are one of the most common dental issues, affecting people of all ages. When tooth decay reaches the inner material of a tooth, called the pulp, it requires treatment with a filling to prevent further damage. While silver amalgam fillings have been the traditional go-to, today’s dental patients now have a tooth-colored filling option that can provide strength and longevity without sacrificing aesthetics.

Our Southfield dentist, Dr. Darlene Dixon at Dixon Family Dental, offers tooth-colored composite resin fillings as a seamless and natural-looking way to repair tooth decay or broken teeth. Call us at (248) 552-0223 to schedule your restorative dentistry appointment today!

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings, or composite resin fillings, are restorative dental materials made from a mixture of glass or quartz particles suspended in resin that comes in natural tooth shades. Dr. Dixon uses these dental filling materials to fill cavities and repair tooth decay and broken teeth because they’re easily moldable and blend seamlessly with your teeth. 

The Benefits of Dental Fillings

Composite dental fillings have many advantages over traditional silver amalgam fillings and other dental filling materials:

  • Aesthetics: Composite blends in with the natural shade of your teeth and is nearly undetectable. Amalgam fillings have a gray metallic color that can be unsightly, especially in visible areas like front teeth.
  • Preserves Tooth Structure: Composite fillings require less tooth removal than amalgam fillings, so more sound tooth structure remains.
  • Durability: Modern dental fillings can last years with proper care. Bonding technology has vastly improved since silver fillings were popular.
  • Mercury-Free: Dental fillings have no mercury content. Many patients prefer to avoid mercury, sometimes found in silver fillings, to prevent associated health risks.

Composite Filling Procedure


To begin, Dr. Dixon will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area with tooth decay. Once the tooth is numb, she’ll use a dental drill to remove any decayed tooth material and clean the cavity area thoroughly.

She’ll then etch the tooth surface with a mild acid gel to roughen it up for better adhesion. The tooth is then rinsed and dried thoroughly.


Next, our Southfield dentist will apply a primer and bonding agent to seal the dentin and enamel. This creates a tight micro-mechanical bond between the natural tooth and the filling material.

The composite resin is carefully placed into the cavity in thin layers, and a curing light hardens each layer as it’s applied.


Dr. Dixon will meticulously sculpt, shape, and contour the dental filling material until the cavity is filled in. Multiple layers of varying composite shades can be stacked to recreate the natural gradation of tooth color. We may need to adjust the bite with gentle grinding so the tooth meets the opposite teeth properly.


Finally, polishing and finishing tools will smoothen the dental filling and shape the contours for a seamless, natural-looking result. She’ll ensure the restoration matches the tooth shade, shape, and feel of natural teeth.

Your newly filled tooth will be indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth, preventing further tooth decay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Restore A Decayed Tooth at Dixon Family Dental

If you have concerns about cavities or tooth imperfections, don’t delay dental treatment. Tooth-colored composite fillings offer a durable, aesthetically pleasing way to repair dental flaws and prevent further damage from occurring.

To schedule an appointment for a composite resin filling, call Dixon Family Dental at (248) 552-0223 or fill out our online contact form. We’re happy to help new and returning patients from the Detroit metro area, including Southfield and the surrounding areas of Oak Park, Beverly Hills, and Franklin, MI.